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Sublime Metamorphosis within Organizations

Imagine a square drawn on a piece of paper - a few more strokes can transform the image into a cube, with depth, height and width, giving the image new perspectives.

Management teams very often, work within paradigms. It is inevitable that organizations create paradigms, it is their anchor to hold steady amidst tumultuous change around them. These paradigms need to be recognized, contextualized, and repeatedly given “more depth and height”. To see things in a new perspective.From the eyes of a fly on the wall. Or from a vantage point in the remote future

Innovation is the management practice that organizations nudge themselves with, to ensure they anticipate and manage change. Innovating within the context of a company’s existing business model is most certainly a worthwhile pursuit But in an age when disruptive change happens at breakneck speed, business models have a much shorter shelf life than ever before.

My experience with working with business leaders has led me to a fundamental belief that organizations have to work at all levels of the enterprise – to embrace disruptive innovation. The repetitive S Change Curve symbolizes the diffusion of innovation that organizations need to entrench very deeply, by encouraging questioning, experimenting with renewal, forecasting change scenarios, while the going is good. This helps pave the way for regeneration, renewal. And sublime metamorphosis.